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  • Best to visit your Tailor wearing a dress shirt and dress trousers.
    Communication is key to a well-fit. On your first visit to our store, where your measurements will be taken to form your personal pattern, it is best to visit bringing/wearing a dress shirt and dress trousers, or a suit if you are committing a suit, this helps you and Master Tailor discuss more accurate about your desired form & fit base on what you brought/wearing.
  • How long does it take to make a suit?
    We need around 14 days to complete a suit. However, If you have a time schedule to fit in, please let us know, we will suggest possible appointments accordingly. As for Suits, there will be 1 fitting at 4 days after placing the order, therefore, please note that if the fitting date is delayed/or more fitting is needed, pick-up date will be delayed accordingly. Shirts & odd trousers require less time than suits.
  • How easy is it to re-order?
    H&D Tailor carefully saves customer's measurements, personal patterns and order details in our database. Therefore you can repurchase easily and accurately remote from home either locally or abroad, by sending inquiry to our email, we will contact to seamlessly guide you through the process. We send online orders to the US, EU & ASEAN countries regularly by DHL Express.
  • Can I order oversea?
    Yes! Order oversea is available for returning customers, whose measurement and personal pattern is saved in our database. Send your inquiry to, we will contact and guide you through the steps of online/oversea order process.
  • How customer records are maintained?
    All of customers’ measurements are recorded in our computer database. If there are changes of your measurement, we will update timely. Customers' information are protected and used for customer-serving purpose only.
  • What is H&D Tailor's opening hours?
    We open from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm, Monday to Saturday.
  • ​How is the payment process for online order?
    You can pay online with your credit/debit card or make international bank transfer.
  • What is the shipping term for specific order?
    H&D Tailor offers free of charge for domestic delivery, and international delivery is paid by customer. We use DHL Express for international delivery.
  • Customs & Taxes
    Do I Have To Pay Taxes and/or Import Duties? Yes. We deliver to most countries, however local import duties and additional charges may be payable on receipt. For orders placed outside Vietnam, please note that you are responsible for any import duties and clearance fees (where applicable) in your own country and to check the duties and clearance fees with your local authorities.
  • Does H&D Tailor have any other branches?
    We have only one official store at New World Hotel and don’t have any branches.
  • How competitive is your price?
    Our services are competitive priced to match the quality of our products. We are proud to be able to offer the finest bespoke tailoring craftsmanship, hand stitchings, handmade buttonholes and extensive hours of work and attention in our products. We provide value-added services such as professional consultation from H&D Tailor team and Master tailor, customized monogram/embroidery on suits and shirts, many choices of exotic buttons and linings. Our prices vary depending on types of fabrics. Beside the economical range, we offer premium fabrics from Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry, Alumo, etc.
  • How can I know H&D Tailor's quality before placing an order?
    H&D tailor focuses on high quality segment with premium fabrics and skilled techniques. Customers can refer to catalogues and gallery on our website for previous customers with their finished outfits.
  • Can I buy my own fabrics outside and then bring them to H&D Tailor?
    H&D Tailor provides a wide range of fabrics with various rates, colors and styles, so customers can choose their favorite one easily. To maintain the standard of our brand, we recommend you to use our fabrics.
  • What would you do if I have a favorite sample outfit?
    If the sample fits you perfectly, we can make exactly as you require. In case your outfit isn’t really well-fitted, we would follow the style but the measurement. We may adjust some points for a better done.
  • What type of construction do you use?
    We do half-canvassed constructions as standard. We also make full-canvas jacket upon request with surcharge applied (+2,5mil VND)
  • Does H&D Tailor have alteration service?
    Alteration Service is available exclusively for products from H&D Tailor and has not been modified by a third party. Term & condition applies. Alteration Service is not available for products that are not produced by H&D Tailor.
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